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Current Oceanview Real Estate Sales Data

The information in this summary report regarding current Oceanview listings and sales activity is updated at least weekly.  For the purposes of this blog, and in order to effectively research the MLS database, I have defined Oceanview Homes as having a legal description beginning with either … Continue reading

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2016 Year-End Anchorage Area Real Estate Market Analysis

As of January 6, 2017….. the full-year local real estate sales data for 2016 has been compiled and released by the Alaska MLS.  As a result, the following is my analysis of last year’s Anchorage area real estate market activity: … Continue reading

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Old Seward/Oceanview Community Council Meeting 7:00pm, February 15th

Notice:  Old Seward/Oceanview Community Council meetings are  held in the library at Oceanview Elementary School, typically on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm, except during summertime when school is closed and the occasional month when it happens to be on the … Continue reading

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October 18, 2016: Johns/Klatt Road Intersection Roundabout Conversion Update

The intersection at Klatt and Johns Road has been shifted back to the more normal two lane, four way intersection format that we’ll see until Spring, 2017. History: We’re seeing considerable changes take place at the intersection of Johns Road … Continue reading

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2016 3rd Quarter Anchorage Area Real Estate Market Update

The Alaska MLS compiles statistical information regarding local real estate sales activity on a monthly basis and makes it available to real estate licensees by the 15th of the following month.  The following is my analysis of Anchorage market statistics through … Continue reading

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Crime in Your Neighborhood – How to Learn More

We all want to understand what’s happening in and around our neighborhood and ensure that we’re living in a safe area.  Communication with our neighbors gives us some information, but considerably more data is available through the web.  Occasionally, we’ll see something posted on … Continue reading

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2016 Municipal Property Tax Overview, Amounts & Mill Rate Chart

Every year, the majority of Oceanview homeowners pay approximately 1.5% of their home’s value to the Municipality of Anchorage in the form of a Municipal Real Property Tax payment.  The actual amount changes annually, depending on three factors: 1. The current year’s municipal assessed … Continue reading

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