Furrow Creek Drainage Improvements Update #5

The Furrow Creek Drainage Improvements Project has been in the design phase for approximately two years now.  The final design work, which consists of rebuilding three Furrow Creek culverts (creek tunnels under roadways) located at: 1. the north end of Beachcomber Drive, 2. Clippership Court, and 3. Mariner Drive, is now complete!  The Municipality of Anchorage has primary jurisdiction over these three culverts.   The Johns Road culvert (the adjacent downstream culvert) over which the State of Alaska has primary jurisdiction, was rebuilt last year during the Johns Roadway reconstruction project.  The Alaska Railroad culvert (the adjacent upstream culvert) over which the Alaska Railroad has primary jurisdiction, will be under review upon completion of this project.

Currently, the completed project design is out for review and bid by eligible contractors.  Contract bids are due by July 8th.  A bid award recommendation to the Anchorage Assembly by the Municipal Purchasing Department should be made by July 10th or 11th.  The Assembly must approve the Award Recommendation.  This should happen at the next scheduled Assembly meeting on July 22nd.  If not, then August 5th.  After approval, it’s time for contract execution…..in other words, the work starts.  However, the work involves some planning and purchasing by the contractor, including procurement of the approved box culverts.  It could take six to eight weeks for an outside subcontractor to manufacture and ship the box culverts (creek tunnels).  If it’s possible for a local manufacturer to tackle this job, it could be less.  Bottom line, if things move in a timely manner, it still looks like this fall before major work could get underway.  If so, then rain,  snow and/or ice could become factors in project completion work, such as final road paving, etc.  Once started, the project should be completed within two months.  If things don’t get off to a timely start, then we could possibly be looking at next year for project completion.

The Municipal Project Manager, John Smith, tells me that a neighborhood Open House meeting will be held subsequent to the contract award and prior to construction.  Meeting notification will be via postcard sent to residents of the affected area.  The purpose of the meeting will be to inform residents as to the timeframe, scope and specifics of the project.  It will also be to get feedback and inform affected homeowners as to roadway access to their homes on Mariner and Clippership during the construction phase.  I am told that emergency vehicle access and homeowner access will be maintained throughout the project.

I’ll give another update when I know more.  By the way, here are a few photos of why this project is taking place:

9-11-13 10am Mariner Drive Culvert North Side 9-11-13 10am Mariner Drive Culvert North Side (3) 9-4-13 7pm Clippership Culvert North Side 9-4-13 7pm Clippership Culvert North Side (2) DSC_0351 10-5-12_5_51PM_Mariner_Drive_Furrow_Creek_North_Side_Submerged_Culvert_ 11-14-13 11am Mariner Dr 7 11-14-13 11am Mariner Dr 6

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