Oceanview LED Street Light Upgrade Project

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the work that has been taking place on our neighborhood street lights over the past month or two.  Chugach Electric, in conjunction with the Municipality, is replacing our old sodium street lights with LED fixtures, making for a brighter and much more energy efficient street light setup.  This involves replacement or modification of 114 neighborhood street light fixtures.  In 40 cases, it means complete replacement of both the pole and light fixture.  In 11 cases, it involves re-setting the existing pole and adding a new LED fixture.  in the remaining cases, it’s just a matter of replacing the light fixture.

The map below shows the exact location of all neighborhood street lights undergoing the conversion, including photos of the two types of old street lights being replaced.

LED Light Map
This project was tentatively scheduled to take place October 1st through December 31st, but the crew is actually ahead of schedule.  On the east side of the railroad tracks in the map above, all but 10 street lights have been replaced as of today’s date.  Those 10 light poles, located on various streets in the neighborhood, must be straightened prior to conversion.  In speaking to the installation crew today, I was told those pole straightening and fixture replacements should take place next week.  On the west side of the tracks, conversions have also been completed on all but about 10 street lights.  The crew averages about two light pole conversions a day and they tell me the entire job should be complete before mid-December.

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