Rainy Fall Days and Furrow Creek

We’ve had some seasonally high rainfall this fall and it has put the Oceanview Neighborhood Furrow Creek drainage culverts to test. As you know, we have five undersized Furrow Creek culverts (creek tunnels under roadways) west of the Huffman/Old Seward Roundabout which have contributed to some minor flooding issues in our neighborhood over the years. These culverts are located where 1. Furrow Creek flows under the railroad tracks southwest of the Huffman/Old Seward Roundabout, 2. the north end of Beachcomber Drive, 3. Clippership Court, 4. Mariner Drive and 5. Johns Road, after which the creek continues through Johns Park and empties into the Inlet. The culverts south of the railroad tracks are scheduled for replacement within the next year and here are some recent photos on Clippership Court and Mariner Drive showing why.
9-11-13 10am Mariner Drive Culvert North Side9-4-13 7pm Clippership Culvert North Side (2)9-11-13 10am Mariner Drive Culvert North Side (3)

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