Johns Road Construction Update #5

Well, if you read the Johns Road Construction Update #4 that I wrote at the end of August, you can see that things are not going as planned. The seasonally high rainfall that we’ve been experiencing lately has not been helping things. Per my most recent conversation with QAP, the roadway reconstruction contractor, no paving will take place until the first week of October. The original intention was to have the north end of Johns Road, by Oceanview Elementary School, paved a couple of weeks ago. Now the intention is to pave all of Johns Road at the same time.
The current plan of action is to have all of the underground drainage, utility & culvert work south of Dailey Avenue done by Saturday, September 14th. Then, the team will begin “reclaiming asphalt” south of Dailey ….in other words, tearing up the existing road pavement. After tearing up the asphalt, they will excavate down to 3 1/2 feet or so. They expect this work to take eight to ten days. Then, they plan to begin pouring cement for the new curbs on or about the 28th. Paving is projected to begin in the first week of October with the goal of being completed by October 15th. Time will tell!!!

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