Johns Road Construction Update #4

As we in the neighborhood all know, Johns Road is currently undergoing considerable reconstruction.  The work started later than anticipated due to a number of factors, but is well underway as I write this.  QAP Alaska is the private contractor doing the work under State DOT oversight.

I’ve made several phone calls in the past few days to get an update on construction activity and the completion timeline.  I spoke with representatives from the State DOT as well as QAP Alaska.  Bottom line: Major work on the north end will be completed shortly, while heavy work continues on the south end on Johns Road.

Weather permitting, the north end of Johns Road (in front of Oceanview Elementary School) is to be paved this weekend (August 31-September 2nd).  Light rain shouldn’t impede the paving process, but heavy rain will, so keep your fingers crossed.  Once paving is completed, the majority of work on the north end of the road will be done and major impediments to school entry and exit will be gone.  There will still be some work to be done on the bike path, etc., but the majority of north end curb and sidewalk repairs will also be completed.

With that said, from Daily Avenue on down through Highview Drive, major work on Johns Road continues.  The majority of heavy work so far has involved storm drain replacement/installation and preparation/removal of curbs, sidewalks, utilities, etc.  The storm drain work is about 80% complete and is expected to be done in the next week or so.  The heavy equipment work we’ve seen taking place at the south end of Johns Road all has to do with the storm drain outfall where it empties down the bluff.

Beginning in another week to ten days we’ll begin to see additional excavation and pavement removal south of Daily Avenue.  The roadway will be excavated to a depth of approximately three feet and prepared for paving.  In addition, a new culvert will be installed where Furrow Creek crosses under the roadway.  I am told that the culvert will have a “thaw wire” installed to prevent freezing in the winter.  They tell me that the construction goal is to have Johns Road completely paved by September 30th and have all major work completed by mid-October.  Landscaping will be completed in the Spring, although trees will be planted along with other landscaping this Fall at the south end at the storm drain outfall.

So, it sounds like we have another four to five weeks of heavy equipment operation and major roadwork, after which we’ll have a newly paved road and a couple more weeks of  work taking place after that.  I suspect that our neighbors on the major neighborhood thoroughfares currently being used as alternate routes will be relieved to see traffic return to normal upon completion.

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