Johns Road Construction Update #3

Johns Road (from Klatt Road to High View Drive) is slated for reconstruction this summer, starting sometime in late June.  Contractors submitted their bids (see below) and per the DOT bid award status website, QAP was awarded the contract on June 11th.

Project# / Federal#: 52783 / N/A
Region: Central
Bid Opening: 05/15/2013
Date of Award:   6/11/2013
Value of Award:    $3,496,800.96
Contractor: Qap

I was driving down Johns Road this morning when I spotted Sean Holland, the State DOT Project Manager, standing by the side of the roadway looking at paperwork and talking with several associates.  I pulled over and asked for a brief update.  Sean told me that he couldn’t give me an exact date for construction startup since the contractor is still in the process of getting ready, but it should be soon.  Plan on seeing construction activity starting sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Per the State DOT website, the project summary is described as: “This state funded project will reconstruct Johns Road from High View to Dailey, resurface from Dailey to Klatt, reconstruct the sidewalk on the east, extend the pathway on the west to Botanical, construct curb ramps that meet current ADA standards, and replace the storm drain system, and outfall pipe in the reconstructed section.”  In addition, I was informed that a project addition includes an extension of the road improvements to include the short, but rough section of High View Drive from Johns Road to Oceanview Drive.

Obviously there will be road access restrictions on Johns Road during the reconstruction, but the goal is for people living on Johns Road to have continued vehicle access to their homes.  There will be road access for everyone else almost all of the time, although it’s likely to be single lane access in some areas, depending on what construction is taking place at the time.  The plan is to resurface the upper end of Johns Road, while the lower portion will be totally redone to eliminate the various heaves, dips and undulations.   Plan on delays this summer on Johns Road, unless alternate routes are an option for you, depending on where you live.

A copy of the construction bid summary is below:

Johns Road Bids


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