Furrow Creek Drainage Improvements September 27, 2012 Update #2

I attended the Furrow Creek Drainage Improvements Open House and Neighborhood Meeting September 26th at Oceanview Elementary School along with other Oceanview homeowners.  Representatives from the Municipal Division of Project, Management and Engineering, Alaska Department of Transportation and HDR Alaska were there along with large satellite photo printouts of the neighborhood and various posters detailing the issues.  Dan Billman, P.E., the HDR Design Project Manager, spent the majority of his time at the satellite photo table answering questions and taking notes from attendees about their personal observations and experiences.  The project has a website at http://www.furrowcreek.net/.  You can view all of the posters, satellite photos and handouts from the meeting by clicking on the link, then clicking on the “Documents” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.  The website also has a means for you to give further commentary via the “Contact Us” tab.  Sean Holland, the Alaska DOT Johns Road Construction Project Manager, was also at the meeting answering questions about next year’s Johns Road improvement project.

I personally brought and handed over approximately 50 photos that I had taken of the neighborhood creek culverts and drainage conditions during our recent heavy rainfall on September 19th.  All in all, I felt that attendance was pretty good and the meeting was a very open forum in which residents could easily hand over information to project personnel genuinely interested in neighborhood input.

I was surprised to hear at the meeting that the goal is to have drainage improvement design completed and construction started by 2013.  That’s faster than I thought possible.  At this point however, only the design phase is funded and the construction timeframe is dependent on funding availability.  Therefore, only time will tell.  Over the next several months, the project team will be conducting land surveys and collecting soils information in the areas of Mariner Drive and Clippership Court, as well as soliciting further neighborhood input.  The Municipal Division of Project Management and Engineering intends to host another neighborhood project update meeting in January or thereabouts,  to update residents on results, potential solutions and recommendations.  Stay tuned.

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