Alaska Waste: Roll Cart Guidelines

As we all know, within the past year Alaska Waste converted our Thursday trash pickup from the two-man manual trash can pickup method to the new driver-controlled, roll cart based mechanical lift system.  This results in the same service outcome with less labor and workplace injury potential.  I’m not sure why our bill increased at the same time, but that’s a different story.

This post is intended to give concise, pertinent information regarding the new system.  A quick synopsis of Alaska Waste roll cart guidelines is below.  Click on the links at the end of this post for complete, current information from the Alaska Waste website:

  1. Roll cart weight not to exceed 150lbs and to be placed at the curbside by 6:00am to ensure pickup. Placement to be no more than five feet from the “driveable” roadway, unobstructed by vehicles, ditches, snow piles, etc., and at least three feet from all “objects or obstacles, including other roll carts”, and not blocking mail carrier access to the mailbox.  Cart lid to be completely closed, with cart handle “toward the house”.
  2. Animal or fish waste is to be “securely double bagged” and no more than ten pounds per cart.   Hazardous materials including needles, oil, batteries, paint, fluorescent light bulbs and other hazardous or caustic materials are prohibited.  No freezers, refrigerators, rocks or dirt either.  Guidelines for the disposal of these items can be found by clicking here.  Untreated medical waste is in its own strictly prohibited category and Providence Alaska Medical Center at 212-3631 is the point of contact for guidance.
  3. Any additional bags or boxes (outside of the cart) must be able to fit into the cart and weigh less than 50lbs.  This is because after the driver empties the cart, he or she will have to get out and place the additional bag(s) or box(s) into the cart in order to mechanically lift and empty it again into the truck bin.  If an additional bag or box contains glass, it must be labeled and double-wrapped, preferably with paper and plastic bags.  Each additional bag or box is subject to a $2.00 charge.  Also be aware, per my conversation with customer service, that you can be charged a $2.00 additional  bag fee even if you have no additional bags or boxes.  This could occur if your cart is “overfilled”, evidenced by the lid being propped up from the closed position due to the extra content inside.  This is a driver judgment call based on the guidelines outlined above.  In other words, if it appears that you have an “additional bag” inside the cart, you may be charged the $2.00 fee.
  4. Large items, defined as anything unable to fit into the cart, including couches, tires, desks, etc., can be scheduled for pickup with a call to Alaska Waste at 563-3717 or e-mail to
  5. Alaska Waste also offers every-other-week curbside rolling cart recycling service which includes mixed paper, aluminum/tin/steel cans and plastic bottles and jugs with no sorting.  This involves a separate rolling cart and monthly fee.

Click here for the Alaska Waste Recycling Programs webpage

Click here for the complete Alaska Waste Residential Service Guidelines Brochure

Click here for Alaska Waste Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the Alaska Waste Residential Services webpage

Click here for Roll cart sign-up

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