Johns Road Construction Update

Johns Road (from Klatt Road to High View Drive) is slated for reconstruction in 2013.  Per the state’s Total Project Snapshot Report (a copy of which is viewable by clicking here), the improvements are expected to include “pavement, curbs, pedestrian facilities, street lighting and storm drainage”.  State funding in the amount of $8,000,000 has been approved for construction.  In addition, another $4,000,000 in state construction funding has been approved for safety improvements at the intersection of Johns Road and Klatt Road.  We’re probably looking at the summer of 2014 or 2015 before the Johns/Klatt intersection construction gets underway since the design phase is just beginning.  Click here for the Total Project Snapshot Report for the Johns/Klatt intersection improvements.

Johns Road is state owned, but city maintained (snow plowing and minor repairs).  Therefore, it’s the Alaska State DOT that is handling the reconstruction, not the MOA.  Advertising for construction bid proposals is slated to take place in October or November of this year.  Per the project manager, the intent is to begin construction sometime in mid-May to mid-June of 2013 and complete the work 3 to 3 1/2 months later.  That’s Johns Road only, not the Johns/Klatt intersection.  Obviously there will be road closures on Johns Road during the reconstruction, but the goal is for people living on Johns Road to have continued vehicle access to their homes.  There will be road access for everyone else most of the time, although it may be one lane access, depending on what construction is taking place at the time.  The plan is to resurface the upper end of Johns Road, while the lower portion will be totally redone to eliminate the various heaves, dips and undulations.   Plan on delays and alternate routes next summer.  It’ll be a pain, but we’ll all enjoy the improvements once the work is completed.

The road reconstruction project is coordinating with HDR Alaska, Inc, the firm that’s designing the Clippership Court & Mariner Drive/Furrow Creek drainage improvements, but it’s hard to say whether the Furrow Creek drainage design process will be far enough along to complete any Johns Road/Furrow Creek drainage upgrades in 2013.  It is possible that Furrow Creek drainage improvements related to Johns Road may take place subsequent to the roadway upgrades.  We’ll know more as time goes on.

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