Furrow Creek Drainage Improvements at Clippership Court and Mariner Drive

Over the last several years, many of us have heard about potential road or drainage improvement projects in and around our neighborhood.  These include Furrow Creek drainage improvements where the creek flows under Mariner Drive and Clippership Court, as well as Johns Road rehabilitation and Johns Road/Klatt Road intersection improvements.  Oftentimes we wonder about the status of these projects but don’t know where to turn for information.  This post will address the Furrow Creek Drainage Improvement Project.

Per the 42 page Final TMDL for Fecal Coliform in Furrow Creek report generated by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in March, 2004: “Furrow Creek is approximately three miles long and drains a watershed of 3,077 acres.  The headwaters begin near Cange Street at an elevation of 300 feet and the creek flows west (through the Oceanview Subdivision) to its discharge to Turnagain Arm.”

Furrow Creek drainage improvements in Oceanview at Clippership Ct. and Mariner Dr. have been municipal capital project topics of conversation for years as a result of the need to adequately handle increasing drainage flows due to hillside development.  The ball is finally rolling.  Furrow Creek drainage improvement is now an official Municipal project (Project Management & Engineering – project #11-012) currently in the design phase.  The $400,000 design contract was recently awarded to HDR Alaska, Inc., a private contractor.  The design process will most likely extend into next year.  The project is somewhat complex due to the number of government entities involved.  At a minimum, besides the Municipality of Anchorage, this project also involves coordination, communication and cooperation between the State Department of Transportation, Fish & Game, Corps of Engineers, and the Alaska Railroad.  Only the design phase is currently funded.  Actual construction funding (cost estimates range from $1,118,000 to $4,400,000) involves a combination of Municipal Bonds and State Grants that are not yet in place.  As a result, completion of the project in 2013 may be an overly optimistic outlook.  We could be looking at 2014 before construction actually begins.  Time will tell.

www.furrowcreek.net is the project design/construction website.

Click here for further information from the Municipal Website.  Once on the website, page down to the Furrow Creek at Clippership Court and Mariner Drive Drainage Improvements link on the left-hand side for additional information.  The project details link in the pop-up block was not yet activated when I last checked, but should be shortly per the project administrator.

Additional project links:

Proposed 2013 Furrow Creek Drainage Improvement Capital Budgets:



PM&E Furrow Creek Drainage Improvement Project Link:


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