Oceanview 2011 Year-End Real Estate Sales Synopsis

For the purposes of this blog and in order to effectively research the MLS database, I have defined Oceanview Homes as having a legal description beginning either with “Oceanview” or “Flying Crown”.  This totals 556 homes.  19 homes listed in the MLS and meeting the above Oceanview legal descriptions were sold in 2011.  The 19 homes sold in an average of 79 days from their original listing date, at an average sales price of $306,269.  This is an average reduction of $17,586 from the original list price.  In addition, the sellers in eight of these 19 sales paid a portion of the buyer’s closing costs, averaging $7,096 per sale in which it took place.  All Oceanview final sales prices in the MLS database in 2011 were below $400,000.

Because of the following: a. Alaska is a “non-disclosure state”, b. the MLS is a private database, and c. this is a public website…..I cannot provide additional private, Oceanview sale specific information unless I am using it to conduct a comparative market analysis on your home.  With that said, the MLS does have a public website with listing reports, photos, etc., of all MLS listed homes currently for sale, along with limited sales statistics and numerous informational links.  Click on http://www.alaskarealestate.com/ to go this site.

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